How would WP8 look with the Windows 8 backgrounds?

Like the iPhone back in the day, Windows Phone doesn’t allows you to change the background on the Start Screen. It creates a more elegant look, but one that lacks customization. In Windows 8 Microsoft has given users a little more control by allowing them to choose from a list of colors and subtle patterns. Will this functionality come to Windows Phone 8?

In their presentation of the new Start Screen for WP8 the background was still black, but we also know that this was no where near a finished product. Microsoft made sure to mention numerous times that WP8 and Windows 8 share a lot, so it’s not too crazy to believe they could share this too.

How do you think the image above looks? Is this something you would want?

  • #WANT :D

  • That looks nice.

  • Anon

    Looks nice, but I’m still not a fan of the light blue for tiles. I hope we get a good palette to choose from in WP8.

  • Anon2

    You can change the tile colors if you like…

  • joal_o

    Meh, I could do without it.

  • On windows 8 you can see more of the background on windows phone 8 your not really going to see it with all the tiles I would keep the black, but change is good

  • It does nothing for me.

  • joshhud

    Why does Microsoft think the “live tiles” is something revolutionary. Its called a widget. Android has them AND you get your own background.. wow

  • WinSource

    Live tiles don’t eat up battery like widgets do.

  • Greg Lacy

    We need:
    Backgrounds behind the tiles
    Music player with full customizable playlist (like in N95)
    separate variable music and ringtone volume
    Customizable sms, e-mail, mms ringtones (MP3)