Nokia Head of Marketing says there is a lot of life left in the Lumia 900

With the news that Windows Phone 8 won’t be coming to current device a lot of people are referring to the phones as “dead.” Nokia’s head of marketing, Matt Rothschild, wants people to know that Lumia devices are still very much alive. In an interview with Neowin Matt had a few things to say about Windows Phone 7.8 and the future of the Lumia 900.

“There is a lot of life left in these devices, and we are continuing to invest in this product. The platform has a long way to go, and there is absolutely great innovation coming to this product. You will continue to see new news about the Lumia 900.

Matt also claimed that they are actually holding back on Lumia 900 news in hopes of not overwhelming store reps with information. We agree with Matt’s optimism, and we think there is definitely a lot of life left for the Lumia 900. If you need a Windows Phone device today it’s easily the phone to buy.

It’s also worth noting that this man is the head of marketing. We happen to agree with what he says, but he wouldn’t admit it’s dead even if it was.

  • mkr10001

    and the 800…….any life left in that?!?!?