Report: For every $49 Lumia 900 sold Nokia spends $450 on marketing

Just how badly does Nokia need to sell phones right now? So bad that a report from The Register claims Nokia spends around $450 in marketing to sell one Lumia 900. The payoff is not very good either, considering the Lumia 900 now only costs $49 at AT&T on contract. This isn’t helping a company that is already in bad shape.

We can take some good news from this report, however. This signifies that Nokia is by no means giving up. They are still trying very hard to sell the Lumia 900, and as far as sales of Windows Phone devices go it’s been working. Unfortunately Windows Phone sales have been low, so even that doesn’t mean much for Nokia.

The story right now for Nokia is to keep the boat afloat until Windows Phone 8.

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