WeatherFlow Has Seen Over 25,000 Downloads

It’s always interesting to see how specific apps are doing on the Marketplace. The Guardian recently spoke with several Windows Phone developers to see how they feel about the platform to which they’ve committed themselves. Many had nothing but glowing things to say about the operating system, echoing Escapist Games’ Chris Whalley’s thoughts:

“Windows Phone is a very attractive and responsive operating system that is easy to use and understand. It’s a contender for the most polished smart phone OS out there.”

Most developers interviewed took around two to four months in order to create their apps, but they added that they already had the programming knowledge and tools down pat that allowed them to code for the platform.

“It is also worth highlighting the fact that XNA is working out of the box. This is great as developers already have the tools to create a multi-platform game or application right from the start, and this enables them to take advantage of code portability.”

Distinction’s Gergely Orosz revealed that the company’s weather app called WeatherFlow has been highly successful in the few months it has been available on the market. It has recieved over 25,000 downloads, with Orosz admitting that a high percentage of those downloads are for the paid app. It’s little wonder that WeatherFlow has done so well, it’s clean, provides all the features that a weather app should have and the price is right for the feature set. I use it myself.

[via The Guardian]

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