Nokia Considering Revenue Partnership with Carriers in the EU

Nokia hasn’t been as selective about which networks its phones are available on in Europe, but that may be changing soon according to FT. Stephen Elop mentioned during a recent earnings call that the device manufacturer will be seeking partnerships that would help foster dedicated support for its Windows Phone 8 smartphones, probably through one or two networks that are available to European users.

This will most likely result in exclusive devices like we saw with AT&T in America, however it will have the added effect of causing the carrier to get behind their particular brand of smartphone since it is not available everywhere else. ¬†Exclusivity here in the United States was pretty much pre-destined for Nokia and Windows Phone. Verizon and Sprint want very little to do with the operating system and T-Mobile is the fourth guy who just so happens to be compatible with AT&T’s network. This is a different story than the availability release for the Lumia 800 in Europe, so I could definitely see this exclusivity deal irking more Europeans than it benefits. How do you feel?


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