WWE and SyFy Launch Windows 8 Metro Apps

We have a feeling this is going to get a lot more common over the next few weeks, but SyFy and the WWE now have their own Windows 8 metro apps available in the Windows Store. For fans of the SyFy network, you can now watch video clips for various shows airing on the network, as well as check out the episode guide for upcoming programming. The WWE app offers current information on wrestlers signed with the organization in both the past and the present, as well as upcoming events and airings of shows.

It’s interesting to note that large scale networks like SyFy are working on Metro apps this early in the game, before Windows 8 has even been released. If the enthusiasm for Windows 8 as a whole is any indication to how Windows Phone 8 will do over the next six months, I think a wide influx of apps will be at hand, which is definitely something the ecosystem needs.

[via Neowin]

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