Microsoft adds 15 more Start Screen patterns in Windows 8 final builds

Customization options in Windows 8 have been slowly getting better with each release. Latest builds include five Start Screen patterns to customize your Start Screen experience, but Microsoft may be bumping that up to 20 for final release. Win8China recovered the image above which clearly shows 20 choices for background patterns on the Start Screen.

Some of the patterns look much more complex than the current offerings. Background patterns are the only way to customize the Start Screen experiences in Windows 8. Instead of just letting the user choose an image for a wallpaper we’re given pattern choices and color options. It’s a good way to keep Start looking clean, but we’ll definitely appreciate more choices.

Windows 8 arrives on October 26th for $40.

[via The Verge]

  • Hopefully they keep expanding it post launch. Or support third party designers doing so. I’m all for keeping a clean/uncluttered workspace, but I want some customization too.