New Gets 1 Million Users in First Six Hours

Did you sign up for a new @outlook email address from earlier today? If so, you’re one of a million people who did so within the service’s first six hours of life. The Outlook Twitter page revealed the details earlier today, along with the graph you see above. The number of signups will steadily increase over the following days, so it’s nice to see a Microsoft service start out strong out of the gate.

The new interface is one of the best I’ve seen for webmail clients and the ease at which things are integrated and easy to find even rivals Gmail. The package tracking feature works superbly well, as I tested with several merchants by forwarding past emails from eBay and Amazon to my new email address.

To take things into consideration, AOL’s recent revamp of their webmail service saw the service with only 24 million users. Hotmail is still firmly in place as the first webmail service provider with 325 million users, while Yahoo lags behind with 298 million. According to Comscore, Google rings it at only 289 million users, but Google claims otherwise at a hefty 425 million users. Given the need of a Google account for Android devices, we’re inclined to believe Google here.┬áScore one for Microsoft and we can’t wait to see what’s next.


  • so as posted elsewhere doing so can bork your windowsphone. I made a outlook account but I guess i will have to wait until windows8 release before I can move towards that from my Live account

  • Hoping for an Android version of this to fully try it out. Maybe they will have a separate Windows 7.8 app…maybe not…

  • I grabbed my typical names on the outlook namespace right away. Also checked out my old ones in that view instead of hotmails disgusting, cluttered mess. Loving it but it will take a lot to pull me from gmail to anything else for more than a quick fling.