This Sony Xperia Tablet Looks Strangely Familiar…

What’s this? It looks like Sony is looking to bring its Xperia name to its tablet lineup and while the tablet itself has nice specs, the real thing that interests us is the keyboard “dock” that Sony is advertising with the new Xperia tablet. You see, it’s a magnetic keyboard that acts as both a stand and a cover for the device. Wonder where we’ve seen that design before?

The kicker here is that the Android tablet is suggested to retail for around $450, while this keyboard dock accessory will be $99 extra. This price point is a bit lower than what we’ve seen in speculation for the Surface tablet and it could debut before Microsoft’s offering, too. We’re hoping the Surface is decently priced so that it can find a competitive edge in the market, but with Android manufacturers already copying the design, we think that says something about what Microsoft has on its hands. The Sony Xperia tablet is thought to be revealed at the IFA trade show in Berlin on August 31st.

[via BGR]

  • I like the case design on this a little more than the surface’s kickstand. I am kinda worried about that thing breaking off or something.