AT&T instructing retailers to steer customers away from iPhone in favor of Windows Phone or Android

If you pay attention to Apple news you know that AT&T’s iPhone activations have dramatically slowed in the last quarter. Many speculated as to what the culprit may be, but it turns out AT&T themselves may be responsible. BGR has learned from numerous sources that AT&T has instructed retailers to steer customers away from the iPhone, and instead focus on Windows Phone or Android. Even customers who explicitly ask for an iPhone are being shown Windows Phone or Android devices.

This is a very interesting turn of events. Ever since AT&T lost exclusivity of the iPhone they have been trying hard to replace it with something new. We saw them put a lot of resources into the launch of the Lumia 900, and they have been generally welcome to all Windows Phone devices. We don’t know why AT&T has fell out of love with the iPhone, but we’re sure hoping Windows Phone can replace it.

  • Probably because Apple wants their 30 pieces of silver from AT&T and other companies will settle for less.

  • That’s actually exactly it. My mom went for an iPhone 4s and the guy was completely honest with her. They make less money on the iPhone’s, so he tried to sell her an android.