Intel Says We’ll see 40 Ultrabooks with Touchscreens by the End of 2012

Intel has high hopes for Windows 8 tablets, as we told you early last month that the company projected to have around 20 Windows 8 tablets on the market soon. Now the company says ultrabooks featuring touchscreens are not far off. The VP of Intel’s architecture group stated that we should expect an astounding 40 ultrabooks with Windows 8, all with touchscreen support for Metro UI.

This seems like a large number considering the number of ultrabooks on the market today is rather limited. I certainly can’t name 40 off the top of my head, though I suppose if you count all the different iterations of screen sizes it would add up quickly. So what will the addition of a touch screen interface do to the already premium price for most ultrabooks? It’ll likely kick the price up a notch, but the good news is current ultrabooks will probably hit that nice $700 mark.

[via NetbookNews]

  • Good to hear! I think my next portable windows device will probably still be something resembling a laptop/ultrabook so I’m excited to hear this is actually happening. I want that Win8 touch goodness!