Skype Updated to 1.3; Receives Much Needed Bugfixes

Since Skype launched for Windows Phone, it’s received some negative attention for the lack of detail that went into making sure it was a solid app. So far Microsoft seems keen on getting the service to an acceptable level, as the latest 1.3 update for the app brings some fixes that were much needed. The bad news is that there are no features added for the update, meaning notifications and all the things that should be in the app are still absent.

It makes sense to iron out the bugs users are experiencing in the current app, but when a Microsoft owned property is outperformed by a third party app such as Tango or even Viber in the future, it’s a sad sight to see. Even the Android and iOS versions of Skype continue to function better than what we Windows Phone users are stuck with, so hopefully Microsoft has some magic up its sleeve for Skype and Windows 8.

Get the app here or check the Marketplace for the update.


  • Good to hear they’re fixing some of those “stumbles” made early on. When you own the software, you need to make sure the Apps work the best on your own hardware, Microsoft. It’s kinda important.