How to make a DIY phone decal with everyday items [Video]


Our phones have become a part of us. They go everywhere with us, and they sometimes demand more attention then the people around us. We fill them up with apps that reflect who we are, and we use wallpapers and cases to dress them up to our liking. If you’re like me you can’t commit to just one look, and you don’t want to buy a bunch of cases and skins to use. So how can you easily customize your phone in a million different ways without spending a lot of money? Nail polish.

A few weekends ago I was watching my sisters paint their nails when I got the idea to use nail polish to customize my phone. After several attempts I found an easy way to make your own professional looking decal with just a few random things from around the house. The best part is you can easily remove the decal with just a dab of nail polish remover and use a brand new design.


  • nail polish (color is up to you)
  • wax paper
  • clear tap
  • exacto knife
  • nail polish remover

How To

  1. Print out the design you wish to put on your phone
  2. Put it under a piece of wax paper and layer pieces of tape over the design.
  3. Cut out the design through the wax paper with your knife.
  4. Peel of the remaining tap and place it on your phone.
  5. Paint over the tape with the nail polish and let dry.
  6. Remove tape.

Check out the video below to see this process in action.

  • me

    A big green block S would look nice!

  • Nailface

    Definitely would recommend using a non-acetone polish remover to clean off your decals. Last thing anyone wants is a melted battery cover

  • Joe

    Good tip. My covers are matte so I didn’t even think about that.

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    This looks like Hitler shit on your phone.