“Move your mouse into any corner” How Microsoft will teach users to use Windows 8

Here in the confines of the tech world not much¬†surprises¬†us. We get see images of products before they arrive, we know devices by codename, and we can try things before they are released. Many of us have had time to learn Windows 8, thanks to Microsoft’s preview builds, but many more have no idea what’s coming. For them Windows 8 will be shocking, but Microsoft has a plan to teach them.

A blogger has installed the Windows 8 RTM build and documented the sign in process. Along the way Microsoft teaches users the “new way to use Windows” with a series of helpful graphics. The slides show how to bring up the charm menu and use hot corners. It looks very simple, so it shouldn’t confuse anyone. Which is good, because Windows 8 probably will.

Darren Baker via The Verge

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