New Windows 8 Apps Include Slashtop & FX Network

With the release of Windows 8 barreling down upon us, we’ve been keeping an eye on the Windows Store to see just what apps will be available for launch. The store is currently open for business and is accepting paid apps, so we expect there to be a high influx of new apps available over the coming months. Currently the store sits at around 400 apps, but as the October 26th release date draws closer, we know that number will increase exponentially.

Two notable apps that have been released in the past week include FX Network and Splashtop. The FX Network app is designed to promote the cable television shows and gives videos and information on all of its popular programing, such as Justified, Archer, and more. You can also choose to set a reminder for new episodes so you don’t miss them if for some reason you don’t own a DVR.

The second app is Splashtop, which is an application that lets people access their desktop computers from any mobile device. The app has been available on iOS and Android for some time, so it’s nice to see the client making its way into the Windows ecosystem as well.

[via Neowin]

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