Windows 8 RTM Screenshots Show Final App Designs

Now that the final build of Windows 8 is complete and has been shipped off to OEMs for release on October 26th, let’s have a look at a few apps that will be available then. Courtesy of the Neowin forums, we have a look at the new Minesweeper above, but also additional apps that will be new to the fold in Windows 8. This includes Xbox LIVE SmartGlass, which we saw demoed at E3.

Overall, it looks like classic elements from Windows translated well to the Metro UI, while the new elements that Microsoft is incorporating feature well and present their content in a readable manner. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new elements and to have a look around in the Microsoft Store officially, just to see what apps will be available on launch.

  • The only things I’m not a big fan of is that the Xbox name is on the music and video stuff for WIn8. When I was flipping through screenshots I was kinda confused why they did that. Otherwise, looking good.