Windows Phone Sees 277% Growth, Has 3% Marketshare Worldwide

Despite many people claiming Microsoft hurt its bottom dollar by announcing Windows Phone 8 features so early, Windows Phone marketshare growth continues. In fact, in the period between Q2 2011 and Q2 2012, the platform grew 277%. This means a jump from 1.2% marketshare up to 3.2%. This may not seem like much, but the rate of growth at which Windows Phone is expanding means it will be a serious contender as a third mobile ecosystem within the next 18 months.

To put growth terms into perspective, Android saw 110% growth while iOS only saw 28% growth. Both BlackBerry and Symbian areĀ hemorrhagic marksetshare but that’s to be expected considering Symbian is a dead platform and BlackBerry can’t seem to put a new handset out to save their lives. Overall, this is good news for Microsoft and hopefully its number one partner Nokia, as both companies are banking on the success of Windows Phone in the coming months.

[via ZDNet]


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