HTC Flounders with Android, Could Windows Phone be a Saving Grace?

The release of Windows 8 and its mobile counterpart are fast approaching, but things aren’t looking so good for an official partner. HTC has reported 26.8% revenue loss for Q2 2012, mainly because of the lukewarm reception of the HTC One series of Android phones. The HTC One X received nearly universal praise, but despite this it seems its fallen short of consumer adoption, most likely between Samsung’s Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Nexus.

It’s for this reason that you’ll find the One X at AT&T for $99 instead of the original $199. HTC is hedging its bets on the Chinese mobile market, where it has always done well, but perhaps the company should realign its focus on Windows Phone instead of pumping out several Android handsets each year. The Windows Phone 8 ecosystem is a burgeoning place where Nokia is the only strong contender at the moment. Both Samsung and HTC have dabbled in Windows Phones, but neither have committed to the platform like Nokia has.

Huawei will be the new kid on the streets come launch and I expect their phones to take a budget position, but I’m up for being surprised. Overall, I feel as though HTC could do well by itself to diversify its offerings for Windows Phone 8. The company is scheduled to have three handsets available at Windows Phone 8 launch, all will varying price points. HTC should push these phones just as much as it pushed the One series and see where that takes the company.


  • I love the build and feel of the new HTC One Series… but I wouldn’t use/recommend their phones just because of Sense. If I’m buying an Android device, I want Android, not a variant that will almost surely never be updated more than once.