Start Screen patterns in Windows 8 are more colorful and customizable

A couple days ago we got a blurry glimpse at some new Start Screen patterns in Windows 8. Today we’ve got a much clearer look at these crazy, fun new patterns.┬áThe new patterns are much more colorful and exotic than the current minimal choices. There are now 20 different patterns to choose from, and they can even be customized further with a color picker.

Other new looks in the leaked final build of Windows 8 include the full removal of the Aero theme from the desktop. We’re glad the “don’t-call-it-Metro” interface has finally taken over the desktop, and we love the new patterns. How about you?

[via The Verge]

  • CX1

    It would be nice if you could choose the color of a tile as well.

  • Agreed. Although I’m pretty sure I’d go super OCD and waste tons of time coloring everything how I need it.

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