Baconit 2.3 Released; Now Includes Support for BaconSync

Over the weekend Quinn Damerell finally brought Baconit, his popular reddit app, out of beta. I’ve been tinkering with the beta version for some time and I must say, the new Flip View and BaconSync features work amazingly well. One of the major annoyances with reading reddit on both your desktop and your phone is that any links you click on either device are not marked as such cross-device. BaconSync fixes this by way of browser extension for Chrome and Opera right now, but will soon be available on others such as Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  • BaconSync – Synchronization of visited links between devices, and sending webpages to your phone.
  • Flip View – Like image view but now it works with self-text, images, and websites. A completely new way to browser reddit!
  • Go to subreddit has been added around the app to allow you to jump to the subreddit for the story.
  • New self-text parser that is much improved
  • Updates icons and graphics
  • Baconit now handles all subreddit, comments, and permalinks url internally.
  • Bug fixes and UI tweaks
  • Performance tweaks
  • And much more!

You can snag the new version of Baconit by hitting the button below. As always Baconit is completely free without ads, but there is a $1.99 donate version should you find the app to be useful to you.

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