Nokia Will Announce Windows 8 Handsets Next Month at Nokia World

We’ve known for some time now that new Nokia handsets will be coming this year, so it’s no surprise that Nokia is planning on debuting them a week before Apple’s September 12th unveiling of the iPhone 5. The new devices will be unveiled at Nokia World which takes place a week before the 12th, with the devices planned to go on sale before the end of the year holiday season. Of course, Nokia has declined to comment on this plan since the company doesn’t comment on speculation and rumor, but we’re betting the Bloomberg tipster knows his stuff.

The company will be thrown up against Samsung, HTC, and Huawei in the Windows Phone 8 ring, though Nokia is expected to garner a bit  more attention since it has formed such a tight bond with Microsoft and the Windows Phone ecosystem. The company is trying its hardest to make sure it has shelf space and advertising dollars for its upcoming launch, as evidenced by recent statements to Bloomberg.

“The challenges are really around how fast can we build that awareness,” Harlow said in an interview in New York last week. “I don’t want to characterize the retail sales associates as if it’s an insurmountable challenge, because it’s not, it’s just work, day-to-day work to ensure they have all the information they need, that they have used the device, that they are able to tell the whole story.”

Retail sales associates have long been a barrier for Windows Phone, since many don’t understand the workings of the operating system and recommend the more familiar iPhone and Android operating systems, despite the fact that Windows Phone may be better suited to a person’s needs. We’re glad to see Nokia tackling these challenges, we just hope the company is able to pull off the much needed comeback plan before it finds itself in RIM’s situation.

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