[Rumor] Nokia Lumia X and the N-Gage to Resurface?

It looks like this Monday morning is rumor mill central. Earlier we showed you the concept Lumia 910 that a DeviantArt user designed, but now we have some new information about Lumia releases we could actually see from Nokia. According to MyNokiaBlog, the Nokia Lumia X will feature a twistable camera with dedicated gaming controls and surprise surprise, the Lumia N-Gage! The tipster for MyNokia Blog says:

New Nokia Windows phone 8 to be launched in September.

I got it from my friend.

He worked at Nokia Design Studio (not mention name).

He talks about how the new equipment, both of LUMIA more interesting than Samsung, HTC and Huawei.


In addition, he said LUMIA X has a screen resolution HD Amoled Clear Black, Windows phone 8 OS, powered by Snapdragon S4, 8 millionpixel resolution camera carl zeiss lens, that can rotate the camera itself.

There are dedicated keys for playing games on the top & can be twisted to access music quickly.

He also tells of the N-GAGE is back again.


Data is designed to stay in the lab.

I was excited to try this. Not sure if it is true that much.

If the information is incorrect. Apologize for any inconvenience that this.

It’s interesting to see that Nokia could be wanting to return to the N-Gage, especially since their OS is made by Microsoft. I wouldn’t be surprised if this rumor turns out to be true that it’s labeled as an official Xbox phone, similar to how Sony has the Xperia Play as the official Playstation phone. What do you think of this rumor and the new handsets hinted at?


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