Web-based Skype One Step Closer to Reality

When Outlook.com launched last week we were excited to see that Skype is going to be included in the service soon. Today, Microsoft took the first steps to integrating Skype into its webmail platform by supporting the WebRTC HTML5 standard. Microsoft offered its own proposals for WebRTC today, which include a customizable, ubiquitous real-time communication over the web. This standard allows for plugin-free video and audio communication which will be the foundation for Skype on the web.

Of course, this standard will have plenty of benefits for other communication tools and not just Skype. Web services for many of Google’s communication offerings, including Google Talk could benefit from this new plugin-free standard. We’re eager to see Skype in Outlook.com, but we’re also eager to see other messaging services included as well.

[via The Verge]

  • The more chat things in outlook the better. Hopefully Google catches wind of all this and pulls a few more clients into its gtalk support.