WhatsApp apparently pulled from the Marketplace [UPDATE 2]

This morning we’ve been hearing reports from a couple sources that WhatsApp has been removed from the Marketplace. The team over at WPCentral has received similar reports. We’re not sure why the app has disappeared, but the good news is there are alternatives.

Until we hear from WhatsApp about why the app is gone you can try out eBuddy, Kik, or TalkBox. We’ll update this post once we know more about the situation.

UPDATE: The co-founder of WhatsApp has said that they hope to submit a new version to the Marketplace soon. The app actually hasn’t been removed, but it has been made private. The app can still be found with a direct link. We’re not sure why this was done, but it could just be an error on their part.

UPDATE 2: MonWindowsPhone reports that WhatsApp was removed because of a major security hole. An update is coming soon.

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