Windows 8 Retail Packaging leaked

We’ve going gaga over the software side about Windows 8, but what about a little old fashioned cardboard hardware? Retail packaging has become an art form in itself, especially in the age of “unboxing” videos. The Verge has treated us to a early look at the retail packaging for Windows 8.

The boxes are colorful and fun, like Windows 8. The Pro version box is a dark grey, and the regular version is white. These will be available on October 26th for $40.

  • Sunovavic

    $40? I thought $60 for the hard copy and $40 for downloads.

  • That’s a deal. I’m sure I’ve said it elsewhere, but I’m glad to see them get competitive with their OS pricing. The best way to combat piracy is to price your shit aggressively and give people the chance to buy it where they want (digital and in-box).