ZTE to Release “Premium” WP8 Phone in 2013

We’ve heard off and on of ZTE’s plans for WP8 phones since the announcement in early June, where it was revealed that rival company Huawei was considered an official partner. Now, major Chinese publications are reporting that ZTE expects to deliver their “premium” Windows Phone 8 handset in Q1 2013, which would put it arriving after all four major partner’s phones hit the market sometime at the end of this year.

ZTE plans to price its handsets competitively, as we saw with both the ZTE Tania and the ZTE Orbit. It also seems that the company has high hopes for Windows Phone 8, as the company is reporting that it expects their Windows Phone 8 shipments to make up around 10% of their shipments. It’s most likely that any ZTE offering won’t be available here in the United States, but it’s good to see the company embracing the next version of Windows Phone for Chinese fans.

[via: 3g.co.uk]

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