Acer CEO Warns Microsoft to “Think Twice” About its Surface Plans

Several OEM representatives have spoken out against Microsoft’s decision to delve into the hardware market with its Surface tablet and now the CEO of Acer has joined the list. JT Wang has revealed in an interview with the Financial Times that he believes the company should “think twice” about getting into the hardware business.

“It will create a huge negative impact for the ecosystem and other brands may take a negative reaction. It is not something you are good at so please think twice.”

Despite admonishment from Acer, Dell, and even HP, Microsoft will continue on with its plans for the Surface and if job listings are to believed, it could be an annual hardware release similar to what Apple has with the iPad.

[via FinancialTimes]

  • Sunovavic

    I think MS did think twice… probably more… about releasing it’s own hardware. And when they thought about what the OEMs will and can offer, it decided that Surface is the only way to go.

  • If MS wants their mobile offerings to compete, it has become fairly clear that they need to take the lead because oems keep proving they are terrible at releasing new MS products.