App Hub Replacement is Windows Phone Dev Center, Now Supports PayPal

The App Hub saw a bit of downtime in the past few days and now we know why. Microsoft has official separated the Xbox development and Windows Phone development sections into two different areas and the respective Windows Phone area is now called Windows Phone Dev Center. It’s a much needed change to the convoluted way App Hub worked.

Along with the change, several new features are now available, including PayPal support in order to pay for your developer account, as well as getting paid from the Marketplace. Additionally you can pick unique prices per region and have bigger beta tests for your apps, including thousands of tested if need be. The in-app purchasing that was hinted at during the Windows Phone 8 Dev Summit also makes an appearance, but it can only be activated for Windows Phone 8.

Developer registration is now open in more than 178 markets and apps are available to be submitted to more than 191 countries. The new portal is a great move for Microsoft, it refocuses their efforts on Windows Phones and shows that they’re just as committed to their devs as they want them to be to their platform.

[via Windows Team Blog]

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