July Sees Huge Jump in Active Facebook Users for WP7


Last week we told you about a 277% increase in Windows Phone users. It looks like that information was accurate, as between July 8th and August 5th, official Facebook app user grew from 2.4 million to 2.9 million. That’s a 21% increase in usage for a single app. To give you some idea of the growth over those few weeks, check out the chart below.

Official FB app MUA Days between 100K increase
09/07/2012 2400000
12/07/2012 2500000 3
17/07/2012 2600000 5
22/07/2012 2700000 5
29/07/2012 2800000 7
05/08/2012 2900000 7

It’s interesting to see this much growth for the platform with Windows Phone 7.8 due any time now, but it could be due to price cuts from various retailers. The Lumia 900 is now down to just $49.99 for AT&T users.

[via WMPU]

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