New Job Listings Hint That Surface 2 is Already in Development

The Surface isn’t even in consumer hands yet and it looks like a new job listing by Microsoft could mean that its successor is already underway. According to TechRadar, more than a dozen Microsoft job listings between June and August have be listed, asking for members to join the Surface Team in order to “Build the next generation of devices that fully express the Windows vision.”

The Surface Team focuses on lighting up Microsoft experiences with touch first computing. A fundamental part of our strategy is having desirable and powerful devices that enable the experiences people want, and elicit their excitement. Creating these devices involves a close partnership between hardware and software engineers, designers, and manufacturing. We are currently building the next generation and Surface needs you!

These job listings are for engineers in multiple areas, including touch display architecture and AC/DC power adapters. Audio engineers and packaging experts are also wanted. Microsoft seems committed to their Surface offering, so much so that if they’re already working on the next generation of touch devices, the Surface could be an annual device release similar to the iPad.

  • Good to hear that it isn’t just a one-off kinda thing. Hopefully it does well for them.