Windows Phone 7 won’t get in-app purchasing

It’s a very well known fact that current Windows Phone devices will not be recieveing WP8, but we’ve been told that some features will trickle down. What those features will be is still being discovered, and today we can cross another thing off the list. In MSDN documentation Microsoft reveals to developers that in-app products will only be available in Windows Phone 8. This also leads us to believe that current devices won’t get the Wallet Hub.

This is definitly dissapointing to hear. Some of the best games that come out this year will utilize in-app purchasing. At this point it’s still unclear what exactly current devices will be getting other than the new Star screen.

[via The Verge]

  • In-App Purchases and Subscriptions are looking like the big new thing. Devs can’t live and update their app forever on just a buck upfront and nothing more from you down the road.