Lumia 900 Tango update being finalized, files appear on Nokia servers

With phones like the HTC Trophy getting the Tango update¬†already¬†the Lumia 900 is looking a little left out. The good news is that the update is now closer than ever and being stored on Nokia’s own servers. This was discovered by WPCentral in the Navifirm+ software which shows uploaded files to Nokia.

The update could still be a few weeks away, but we’re hoping this means sooner rather than later. The update includes Messaging Hub enhancements, and also some new Nokia apps that are Tango exclusives. As always, we’ll let you know when to get those data cables ready.

  • JSYOUNG571

    This is some straight out BS! What about all the other damn phones before the Lumia 900? I have an HTC Titan that has seen no updates since it’s release. I am glad people can finally see the love At&t has shown the Windows Phone 7 platform as far as updates (including the dropping keyboard). But At&t is not the only one who is at fault here, I blame Microsoft as well, for not putting their foot in At&t ‘s ass to push these updates sooner. They really showed Windows Phone 7 customers how they truly felt about us supporting their platform. At&T is supposedly your “Primary” carrier for distributing your phones, and you all didn’t do sh*t about it. Then Microsoft wonders how come they have such a bad reputation with trying to promote Windows Phone 7. Look in the damn mirror, you all are responsible for the downfall of this platform. It will be the same sh*t over when Windows Phone 8 comes out as well.