Acer whines about Microsoft Surface again, says it will have negative effect

Well, Acer is back in the news again, and not for good reason. Earlier this week they said that Microsoft should “think twice” about releasing Surface. Since then Acer CEO JT Wang has clarified what he meant by that almost threatening quote. He says that “Microsoft’s actions will have a rather negative impact on the long-established PC ecosystem.” He also says Acer has no intention of quitting the Windows PC market.

It’s obvious why Acer is putting up such a fit about Surface. They haven’t had any luck with Android, and now they are feeling slighted by Microsoft. Instead of complaining they should try to make a better product than Surface. Acer is not a small company, they can compete.

[via The Verge]

  • It’s a shame they’ve got such a whiny CEO, since their other products such as their monitors are actually top-notch.

  • rabs

    i think he is jus trying to make some noise… marketing tricks… trying to get something out of surface tablet hype for lenovo tabs… jus my opinion