Microsoft Now Using ‘Modern UI’ to Refer to Metro-style Apps

So Metro UI got the axe last week and since then Microsoft has been seeking a replacement name for its tiled-based UI. Yesterday we reported that Microsoft was referring to the new UI as simply ‘Windows 8 user interface’ but it looks like some Microsoft employees have started using ‘Modern UI style’ in reference to the design and the Windows 8 start screen. Many new job listings for Windows Azure and Bing Maps refer to this ‘Modern UI design language’.

It’s interesting to note that Microsoft is still indecisive over the name, as Metro has been long-standing since the design originated with the Zune media player. Modern UI is certainly a good choice in replacement for Metro, though Tile UI and Segoe UI might have been good ones as well. What do you think of this new change?

[via The Verge]

  • @firas_md

    Wish they used ” Live UI” instead