Nokia Plans to Deliver Impeccable Image Quality in Next Lumia Series

We’ve known for some time now that Nokia plans on integrating PureView into its Lumia range of devices soon, but that may be sooner rather than later. According to a recent interview, Jo Harlow, Nokia’s Executive Vice President, the company is working with Microsoft to implement the changes it needs in order to deliver imaging quality “yet unseen by consumers”. The 808 PureView is a testament to that, but just how soon will we see a PureView Lumia?

Harlow is careful not to announce any specific dates in talking about PureView Lumia devices, but the technology is the main focus outside of the Windows Phone 8 software environment. Eliminating blurriness and terrible pictures in low-light conditions seem to be the focus, which would make any PureView Lumia device a great tool to have on hand for capturing any impromptu moment. Are you excited for the possibility of PureView Lumia devices in a few months?

[via PocketNow]

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