Pulse App Removed From Marketplace in Preparation for Windows 8

Pulse is a popular way to keep up with RSS feeds for news junkies, but the app has now been pulled from the marketplace by the developers. So what gives? Well, the app never really kept up with its Android and iOS counterparts and with yesterday’s release of Pulse with HTML5 touch support and optimized for IE 10 web app, it’s little wonder the app is now gone from the marketplace. The developer’s reasoning was “prioritizing web and… iOS and Android platforms,” and that they will ”look at the Windows phone in the near future.”

While that may seem like they’re dropping Windows Phone entirely, it likely speaks to the fact that the developers want to make sure their app runs smoothly for Windows Phone 8, just as it will for Windows 8. Sadly, that leaves us early adopters of Windows Phone 7 out in the rain.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • I would be lost without Pulse. It’s my go-to app when waking up or passing out. Gotta catch up on shit!