Tango update brings drastic improvement to the Lumia 900 camera

The Nokia Lumia 900 is almost a perfect Windows Phone, but one of the things that has plagued it is the camera performance. There has been a myriad of issues that have called for software fixes, but it still is not up to snuff with a lot of phones. WPCentral has been using the leaked Tango software update for the last 24 hours, and they report a drastic improvement in the camera.

They talk about ISO performance being the reason for the improvement. ISO is what controls film speed and exposure. Basically a higher ISO results in taking pictures more quickly. However that’s not always a good thing, so cameras adjust the ISO based on the situation. So in the update i appears that the Lumia 900 is adjusting the ISO more correctly and taking better shots. Check out the link below to see more photos taken with the Tango update.

More Photos

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