Apple demanded $9 for every Windows Phone manufactured by Samsung

In the Android and iOS world there is a monumental battle waging against Apple and Samsung. So far we’ve been able to steer clear of the issue, but it looks like Windows Phone has finally been brought up.

In court documents it has been revealed that Apple asked Samsung for $30 for every mobile device, especially Android. After discounts such as Licensed OS, and not using proprietary Apple features the cost went down to only $9. It’s interesting that not even using a different OS can save Samsung from Apple. If Apple wins Samsung may want to use WP more often to save money.

[via WMPU]

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    Apple’s case is stupid. “we invented touch screens with black bezels! AND… rounded corners!”

    I wish that I did not hate apple so much, but it is nearly impossible to respect them. It seems like they cheat with patents and evidence in court.