T-Mobile Could be Getting the Samsung Odyssey; A WP 8 LTE Phone

We’ve been discussing whether or not Sprint and Verizon will be more on board with Windows 8 in the past few weeks, but it looks like Samsung may have leaked a new phone for T-Mobile. In a document found by TmoNews, it looks like the Samsung Odyssey that was leaked in court documents at the end of July will in fact be coming to the carrier. The specs are pretty powerful and we’re happy to see T-Mobile getting a phone that’s going to be great, judging by specs alone.

  • 4.65” Super AMOLED HD screen (1280×720)
  • LTE, HSPA+ 21 (supports HSPA+ 42 too)
  • 8MP Rear camera; 720P Front-facing camera
  • MSM8960 (dual-core 1.5GHz) chip
  • NFC

This appears to be T-Mobile’s first Windows Phone 8 and LTE device all wrapped up into one. What do you think of the specs? Are you a T-Mobile customer who’s excited about this revelation?

[via TmoNews]


  • I’ll wait for the Nokia Win 8 device.

  • LoveMicrosoft

    Me too I will wait for sure for a WP8 device!

  • LoveMicrosoft

    this phone looks amazing! hope that Nokia will do a device simillar to these features!