Microsoft launch details suggest Surface RT will cost only $199

Ever since we were blown away by Microsoft Surface last month we’ve been patiently waiting to hear how much it will cost. Microsoft initially said Surface pricing would be competitive to similarly spec’d devices on the market. At that time most tablets in the 10″ class cost around $500-600, but the Kindle Fire (and now Nexus 7) were undercutting the competition at only $199. So where would Surface land?

A tipster over at Engadget¬†has information from Microsoft’s TechReady15 conference where they allegedly laid out launch details for Surface RT. The tablet will launch on October 26th (which we already knew) at a very impressive price of $199. This is for the ARM version of Surface that won’t have desktop apps. If this is true it’s no wonder Acer is complaining about Surface so much. $199 for a 10″ tablet running Windows is a game changer. If this pricing is indeed true Surface will be a success, no doubt.


  • idlelimey

    As much as I’d like this to be true, I can’t see it happening. Still, I’m still waiting on confirmation the the UK will even get Surface RT! I have yet to hear the Surface will appear anywhere other than the states.

    I was hoping for a late October release to the UK MS store (which is MS in name only) for ~£400 including the keyboard cover.

  • k s

    Where do I preorder?????
    Want now!!

  • Haxcid

    While it is not outside the realm of possibility as Microsoft is often know to sell products at a loss, 199 seems to be far to low. I can see that as a cost for retailers but add the mark up etc… I am guessing they will open with the standard 499 for the arm version and 699 for the Intel version.

  • I feel like they’d be selling it at a loss, but maybe that’s what needs to happen for a while to jump-start sales for them and really drive interest of Windows8 through the roof. I think most anyone would go for a full Windows experience over that of the Android ones at that price. Hell, I love my Galaxy Tab, but the majority of apps are stretched to all hell on it.