Microsoft updates with the “Modern UI”

Another Microsoft product bites the “Modern UI” dust. In their continued effort to rebrand everything and anything with the Microsoft name on it, has joined the ranks of the clean lines and tiles. We’ve been expecting this update for a while now, and today it has finally happened.

The new SkyDrive web portal has a tile based interface to match the Windows Phone app. But that’s just on the surface, there are some good updates in the backend as well. There is a new “instant search” that populate results as you type. A contextual tool bar changes to fit the needs of your current action.

Microsoft has also improved the speed of which the Windows and Mac desktop clients sync with the web. Speaking of apps, Microsoft announced that they will be bringing SkyDrive to Android in the near future. It’s always nice when Microsoft acknowledges other platforms, we just wish more people would acknowledge Microsoft’s platform (I’m looking at you, Google.)

[via Windows Team Blog]

  • The screen shots and landing page looks great, but I still can’t get it when I log in. Very sad pandas.

  • Looks nice!