Outlook.com gains 10 million users in first two weeks

Two weeks ago Microsoft surpsired everyone and announced Outlook.com, a new webmail client to replace Hotmail. The new interface and tools immediately impressed us, and many of you. There were reports that in the first 24 hours one million people had signed up for accounts. Today on the Windows Team Blog Microsoft revealed that Outlook.com already has over 10 million users. We’re not sure how many of those users are active and how many just wanted to claim an email address, but it’s still a good indicator of interest.

[via Windows Team Blog]

  • Congrats to the outlook team! Hopefully they grab similar numbers on the rest of their services as the switch happens.

  • I’d love to use Outlook.com as my main email interface, but until there’s some kind of two factor authentication like what Gmail has, I’m staying put. There’s too much social engineering that can go on with online accounts not to have some kind of security like this in place.