Toshiba Cancels Plans for Windows 8 RT Tablet

We’re wondering if this will be the coming trend over the next few days as rumors about Microsoft’s $200 price point for the Surface RT swirl around the industry. Toshiba has just announced that it has canceled plans to release a Windows RT tablet, but says the Surface rumors had nothing to do with the cancellation. Instead, the company cited a delay in getting components necessary for manufacture. Originally the company partnered with Texas Instruments to use their ARM-based processors for the devices, but it seems the company will instead focus on Intel’s x86-64 architecture. Eric Paulsen, a spokesperson for the company had this to say:

 “For the time being, Toshiba will focus on bringing Windows 8 products to market. We will continue to look into the possibility of Windows RT products in the future while monitoring market conditions.”

[via Bloomberg]

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