Windows will be updated more frequently, next version codenamed “Blue”

With Windows 8 Microsoft is making a significant change from how they used to do things. Almost every aspect of the OS is different from current versions. It’s a fresh start, and that fresh start mentality has spread to other areas as well. One of those areas is the update cycle for Windows.

In the past Microsoft has updated their desktop OS about every three years. With Windows 8 it appears they are looking at a more yearly update cycle. Mary Jo Foley says that the next update for Windows won’t be Windows 9, instead it will be something like a feature update called “Blue”. If you look at what Apple is doing with OSX this would be something similar. The last few version of OSX have just added features.

We think this is a smart move by Microsoft. A yearly update cycle will keep Windows fresh and relevant.

[via ZDNet]

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