Firefox for Windows 8 Preview to be Ready at the end of September

Firefox for Windows 8 will be ready by the end of September, according to Brian Bondy, one of the programmers who worked on the project. In a new blog post, Bondy has this to say about the popular open source browser:

[quote]”Work on the Metro style enabled desktop browser has progressed steadily and things are looking really good.”[/quote]

He goes on to list a number of different features that will be available in this developmental build, allowing for crash reporting, a built-in PDF reader (Finally!) and windowless Flash support and more. The first release won’t see any addon support, but Bondy does go on to mention that addons will be a focus in a future update.

[quote]”We’ll have some kind of sync functionality to sync data between your Metro interface and your desktop interface. We’re hoping for a local, no setup sync functionality, but at worst it will be done through the current sync functionality.”[/quote]

We’re interested to see what Google does with Chrome for the new Modern UI, as so far Mozilla has been the only unofficial browser for the Windows 8 ecosystem to show off active development.

[via Neowin]

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