Microsoft Doesn’t Care if the Surface RT Upsets OEMs

Over the past few weeks, we’ve told you about some of the vocal opposition to the Microsoft Surface tablet, coming directly from OEM partners like Acer. Now it appears Microsoft is aware that it could be stepping on some toes with the low pricepoint and the Redmond Giant simply doesn’t care. Toshiba has already announced plans not to create a Windows RT tablet and ASUS, Lenovo, Samsung, and Dell could follow suit if they don’t like the direction Microsoft is going.

[quote] “The sources pointed out that Microsoft is fully aware that its actions have greatly offended its notebook clients, and therefore is trying to achieve success and acquire at least 30% share in the tablet PC market. A price of US$199 is expected to allow the company to achieve its needed goal.”[/quote]

To me, this says Microsoft knows it can do better than the OEM partners and its showing them how. This is no different than Intel’s ultrabooks, which must maintain strict standards in order to be classified as such. No one is going to buy an OEM product that’s more expensive than the Surface RT and has less features. This is exactly what Microsoft is banking on to get that coveted 30% marketshare right out of the gate.

[via BGR]

  • richandwhite

    Also note though that WinRT costs manufacturers $30 to license. At $199, that’s probably a good chunk of the profit.

  • I really hope this shakes up the Windows market a bit and pushes the tablet market a bit further than it already is. The iPad seems to have a market of it’s own while Android tablets are just kind of luxury devices. Hopefully the Surface can show that you can do real work on a sexy, portable screen.

  • CX1

    I think the OEMs should share in the profit their devices generate from the marketplace.

  • Sunovavic

    They are!