IDC Predicts 3 Million Surface Tablets in 2012

IDC analyst Bob O’Donnell says Microsoft will probably have a little over 3 million Surface tablets in the wild within the calendar year of 2012. This number counts for both Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro tablets. The Surface RT tablet will be available alongside the launch of Windows 8 on October 26th and with an expected price point of $200, it could pave the way for the 3 million the analysts predict. Windows 8 Pro versions of the Surface tablet will launch three months later, sometime in late January 2013.

The Surface RT will be available in both retail locations and Microsoft’s official stores that are peppered across the country. Speculation about the $200 price point remains valid, since many are unsure if a subsidized tablet would prove viable in the market.

[via Neowin]

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