Pirate Cat Updated to 1.1; Free Version Now Available

For Developer Appreciation Month in June, we explored Pirate Cat, a neat little game that hasn’t been available on the marketplace for long. The game was initially offered for free and turned out to be quite popular. It’s similar to jumper style games in that you must slingshot your cat to the moon by collecting feathers from birds. The 1.1 update has brought several new features, including:

  • A new power up that allow you to travel back in time
  • A additional training mode that detect when a new player is having a hard time with controls
  • A dynamic live tile that will display your last score, your best score and your rank
  • A More readable and user-friendly ranking screen
  • Lot of optimization regarding performance on first generation devices

After the initial launch period, the app went up in price to a very reasonable $0.99, but there is now a free ad-supported version with a unique twist. If you’re able to use all four power-ups within the game at least once, it will automatically unlock to the full ad-free version. It’s a unique way of a developer letting you keep their game ad-free if you actually play and enjoy it. Snag it by hitting the button below.


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