RIM “Borrowing” the People Hub from Windows Phone for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 may very well never come with the shape RIM is in, but that isn’t stopping the company from straight up stealing features to try and make it better. The latest news for BB10 is that it will feature a unified contacts list that displays all your information on a contact in one hub, including Facebook messages and tweets. Hmmm, sounds eerily familiar to something Windows Phone users have enjoyed for a while now.

Apparently the company hopes to differentiate itself by also including enterprise information for contacts, such as upcoming meetings with contacts being displayed in the unified contacts page as well. It’s interesting to note that Windows Phone 8 will most likely have this same feature, as the cloud-based contacts service Microsoft detailed keeps all that information together for you to access quickly. RIM needs to do more than just steal ideas from Android and Windows Phone and mash them together in an attempt to stay afloat.

[via Phone Arena]

  • Hey doofus, the unified inbox is a hallmark of the BlackBerry platform… Been there all along. #truth

  • ph03n1x

    They already do that in the current system if u check it out this isn’t borrowing if you had it first isn’t quite with the panels but you can already do something to that effect

  • “Hmmm, sounds eerily familiar to something Windows Phone users have enjoyed for a while now.”

    Yeah, sounds eerily familiar to something BlackBerry users have enjoyed for a while now as well, lol.

  • Let’s do some research about previous, current and future BlackBerry OS’s before we accuse them of stealing. This feature has been on BlackBerry long before the newer Windows phones were thought of…Another poorly written/researched article. Will love it when BB10 launches to shut all you haters up.

  • I would say those other platforms are “borrowing” from RIM. Just another article preaching the demise of RIM to get more traffic. Look at those of us that come here and posted a comment. You have accomplished your goal.

  • Have you ever used a BlackBerry? A unified inbox where tweets, FB messages/notifications, emails, BBMs, etc has been on a BlackBerry way before it was ever on WP.

    Give me a friggin break.

  • BlackBerry has been “unifying” inBox, calendars and Contacts for some time now…GIST much?

  • sri

    Winsource hmmm.. first time i am hearing about this site.. mission accomplished I guess. their writers must do some research before posting any crap like this. Anyways I dint click any ad here.

  • Mistik

    Had a unified inbox already on my bb for years smh

  • veeru789

    who is this?? BGR juniour???!!!
    BTW, me tooo havent clicked any adds on this site. good try though.

  • inskipp

    Did you (Ashley) receive any money for this little bit of un-researched, erroneous, and potentially libelous piece of writing??