Nokia Has the Lion’s Share of the WP Market

Although four official partners were announced for Windows Phone 8 when it launches in October of this year, Nokia has by far taken the Windows Phone world by storm. It’s no surprise really, any time we ask your opinion here on WinSource when it comes to future phones, the overwhelming majority of you answer that you’ll wait to see what Nokia does before anything else.

Nokia has held the majority title since May, which is a month after the Lumia 900 went on sale here in the United States. Of the 5.4 million Windows Phones shipped, Nokia is estimated to have provided 4 million of those, which shows nearly 75% dominance. Localytics, the company that provided the data, had this to say about Nokia’s dominance:

[quote]Rather than relying on partners like Samsung, who is heavily invested in expanding Android’s dominance, Microsoft has in Nokia a partner with as much riding on mobile Windows success as the Redmond-based software giant.[/quote]



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